Dead Birds and the Dirty Ground

On the first few days of this journey, I've seen many more dead birds than on any other ride in memory. Why? Is it my perception? Is it due to riding more urban areas than I am accustomed to? I wonder.

I just rolled into downtown Port Huron and caught a glimpse of the Blue Water Bridge and a sense of the Great Lake that lies beyond. I have many fond memories of being in northern Lake Huron while visiting my beloved Bob-Lo (Bois Blanc Island). Maybe I'll make it that far by this weekend? Who knows? Depends on which way the wind blows.

The wind settled down a little overnight, but was still blowing out of the north. Now in late morning it's fairly calm and I wonder if it might turn around later. 11 mph was my cruising speed earlier, but I settled in to a nice 15 mph clip in the last half hour.

By the pavement markings I noticed I've been following part of the Blue Water Ramble bicycle tour route. That was nice since it led me on a more scenic route at times than I may have taken using my map.

I'm sitting at Raven Cafe downtown, which is cool, so that I can charge my phone, which is a drag. Not only am using the phone to log these posts, I need it in case of emergency.

While I'm in town I'll see if Verizon can forward a new battery for me to a dealer down the road a ways. I'll stop at the local bike shop and buy ANOTHER eyeglass mounted rear view mirror. (Note to self – determine a good place to store it at night. Then remember!) And finally a stop at the local of outdoor gear store for a summer weight sleeping bag. My minimalist sleeping gear didn't cut it last night and I was cold from 1:00 on. I guess there is at least one disadvantage to being so lean!

Wishing you happiness on your journey, Jim

Song stuck in my head:
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by White Stripes




  1. Tim, I came up with my own underquilt, which I like better than the one from Hennesy Hammocks problem was I only brought a thin fleece blanket to cover me. This did not cut it on the first few nights, which were much colder that usual. After that I was quite comfortable.

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