Day 4: Algonac to White Rock

I ended up spending the better part of four hours in Port Huron, but got some issues resolved, including procuring a new phone battery. I also got a sturdy, waterproof bag, now hung on my handlebar to hold my real camera. This will allow me to take higher quality photos more quickly, since I won't have to wait for my phone to boot every time.

I found Port Huron to be quite nice and I'm wondering if I had ever been in the city proper. I've driven over the Blue Water Bridge a few times. And when Jim Miller first started Willow Winds, he held the first couple of Michigan Outdoor Survival Schools nearby on the Pine River.

That reminds me, I should drop in on Jim when I get up near Mikado later this week. He moved Willow Winds up there probably 18 years ago and the last time I saw him was when I taught an atlatl and dart making class up there for M.O.S.S. about 10 years ago.

Speaking of the Stone Age I passed through Port Sanilac this afternoon. Before knowing I would spend so much time in Port Huron, I had hoped to see the famous Sanilac Petroglyph. Michigan's most well known (only known?) petroglyph depicts a man with a crazy hat, drawn bow, and long dong. Seriously. Look it up. If I had been around back then, I could have been the model. I have a crazy hat, a bow, and uh, Next Topic!

I found my first tool in the road today. On just about every one of my tours I find some sort of tool. (What is the Universe telling me?) I always pick them up and pack them home. That was easy with this dainty little 3/8 X 7/16 combo open-end wrench. Not so easy when you find a decades old 12" Crescent adjustable wrench. I've found two of those heavy suckers. If I find a bench vise I hope it's in 17 days and within 100 yards of home.

I finally left Port Huron at 2:30 with only 35 miles on the tripmeter. But even though I rode into an increasingly stronger headwind all afternoon, I started to find my cadence. I'm finally pedaling in circles.

I picked a point on the map where I thought there might be a pretty place to hang my hammock on the shore of Lake Huron and of rode into the evening to get here. Nice view, eh? I'll be witness to a spectacular sunrise tomorrow!

Good night! Jim

Day 4 mileage: 93.9
Total trip mileage: 229

Asanas (Yoga poses) of the day:
Marjayasana/Bitilasana – Cat/Cow on and off the bike. On the bike, keep the pedals parallel to the road. Do an equal number with each foot in the forward position.

Song stuck in my head:
Sober by Tool


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