Day 7 – Pinconning to Black River

I'm safe and sound at Negwegon State Park. My hammock is hung in a beautiful, remote backcountry site just of the pristine, sand beach. I have the place to myself.

After 102 miles, I rode the 2.5 miles of Sand Hill Trail that leads to the park entrance. The gravel park road is then over a mile long.

After riding those two roads out first thing tomorrow, I will be warmed up early for my ride to Cheboygan.

I think I'll take the last ferry to Bob-Lo tomorrow, then take a relaxing day at the tip of the Mitten on Sunday while I decide if I want to make a foray over the bridge next week.

Thank you, Tom for the generous offer of your cabin near Greenbush tonight. It was awful tempting as I rolled past at 6:30, but I just wasn't ready to stop!

Sweet dreams, Jim

Asana (Yoga pose) of the day:
Boddha Konasana (Cobbler)

Day 7 mileage: 106.8
Total trip mileage: 495

Song stuck in my head:



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