Day 8 – Black River to Rogers City

Leaving Negwegon was bittersweet. I easily could have stayed there longer, but I was looking forward to Bob-Lo, another 90 miles north. This was my first time at Negwegon State Park, and I'll be back! There are just 4 campsites, all of them backcountry. The beach is pristine. I may log another post with more photos of this special place later.

After the first 20 miles to Alpena, I jumped on the newly linked Northeast State Trail (N.E.S.T.) Thanks for the tip, Bruce! The N.E.S.T. is a crushed gravel linear trail that runs northeast inland 71 milesto Cheboygan. I was happy to get away from the traffic on US-23 for the rest of the day, and hoped the rail-to-trail would provide needed shade. I also hoped it would provide shelter from the strong wind from the northeast.

Although I found some shade, riding down this corridor on this day was like riding in a wind tunnel. After a few hours it became clear that even at maximum effort, I may not make the last boat to the Island.

On more than one occasion I've said about this tour, "No itinerary, no set agenda, no attachments". So I then did one of my favorite things to do on a tour. I took a nap. One of the benefits of the hammock is the ability to set up in tent averse sites. As you can see, my trailside nest was high and dry above the lumpy damp Earth. I snoozed and read for a couple of hours. I easily could have stayed the night right there, would have come up short on drinking water by morning. I also wanted to get back to the Lake.

After several more hours of plodding into the wind, I found another peaceful beachside place to hang my hammock. By then I was so tired, I snapped a couple pictures of the sunset while lying in my hammock, and immediately feel asleep.

Thanks for coming along on the ride! Jim

Asana (Yoga pose) of the day:
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-legged pigeon)

Day 8 mileage: 61.35
Total trip mileage: 557

Song stuck in my head:
Four Strong Winds by Ian Tyson


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