Day 9 – Rogers City to Bob-Lo

Good morning from from Hawk's Landing General Store on the south shore of Bois Blanc Island (Bob-Lo)!

Yesterday, the ninth day of the tour, I was treated to another vivid sunrise, also witnessed from my hammock. After capturing a few images to share, I snapped the lens cap back on and snatched a couple more hours of needed sleep.

After my morning bath in The Lake and languidly repacking, I hit the trail. The trail I refer to is the Rogers City Bike Trail. Running from the downtown lakefront, the trail follows the shoreline westward and terminates at Forty Mile Point, about eight miles out. This may be the prettiest paved trail I've ever ridden. A ribbon of smooth asphalt undulating through verdant forest before snuggling the shoreline. Thanks for the lead on this trail, Bruce!

Once back on US-23, the views were equally spectacular. Sometimes Lake Huron offered teasing glimpses through a veil of needles and leaves. Other times welcoming me closer to share her full expanse.

Being surrounded by beauty helped keep me moving forward into the unrelenting wind. Maybe the wind's embrace was my blessing, slowing my pace and suspending time in this sacred space.

Although the shortest mileage day of the tour, this day seemed the longest. I was glad to roll into familiar old Cheboygan and fill me and my depleted water bottles with ice water. I soon found myself in an overstuffed chair at State Street Coffee, sipping an Americano, and waiting to catch the 5:00 p.m. ferry to Bob-Lo.

My odometer hit 600 miles as the wheels rolled from the ferry dock and onto the sweet Earth of Bob-Lo. I headed straight to Hawk's for massive calorie replenishment. Taking a good long time seated in the restaurant, it was nice to see old friends, including store owners Larry and Missy.

Full to the gills, I stopped in at the Wilderness Club to say hi to the Shannons, before beginning the seven mile ride to Dad's property on the southwest shore. I never made it, though. Riding by his house in nearby Pointe Aux Pins, I decided to hang my hammock in the backyard pines. Sleep came with the setting sun.

Today (day 10) I recharge my batteries. Resting, swimming, reading, and just enough riding to warm these legs before a gentle Yoga practice.

Feeling blessed, Jim

Day 9 mileage: 46.51
Total trip mileage: 603

Asana (Yoga pose) of the day:
Savasana (Corpse)

Song stuck in my head:
This Ain't the Mainland by Dan Reynolds



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