Day 13 – Petoskey to Norwood

After fond farewells with Timmo and Nellie, I turned downhill and coasted away from the Back Forty and into Petoskey.

Stopping at the Grain Train, I bought pieces of nice raw milk cheese and other provisions, plus enjoyed a leisurely dinner from their hot bar. Before leaving town I did a little exploring of Petoskey's outstanding bike path system.

Finally in the cooler early evening, I was southbound along the coast of Lake Michigan. Now I was traveling another bike path, the Little Traverse Wheelway. This paved path parallels US-31 on the west, or coastal side of the road to the outskirts of Charlevoix and is in excellent shape. Once south of the Charlevoix County line, many views of The Lake open up that motorists pass in the blink of an eye. The bicycle's slower speed affords a much more enjoyable experience. Next time you're in the area, get on a bike and ride this trail!

With body, heart, mind, and soul singing I could have ridden for many more hours, but impending darkness forced me to reign in and find a campsite.

Turning down a two-track splitting two low dunes I raced for the shore, snapping one handed photos while my high pressure street tires squirmed in the sand. I could hear Tim's admonition, "Do not drop this camera!" I made it to shore just as the magenta orb slipped below the horizon, then retreated back over the dunes to hang my hammock between two stunted Cottonwoods.

Good night, Jim

Asana of the day:
Ardha Chandrasana (Half moon)

Day 13 mileage: 36.89
Maximum speed: 33.2
Total trip mileage: 788

Song stuck in my head:
Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key by Woodie Guthrie with the help of Billy Bragg, Jeff Tweedy, and Natalie Merchant


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