Day 14 – Norwood to Suttons Bay

Facing east with my hammock hung on the shore of Suttons Bay, I enjoy the subtle colors of dusk as the sun sets over the trees behind me.

Another good day in the saddle. Thanks again to George for use of the Shoreline Tour map book, which kept me on scenic, less traveled roads like Old Dixie Highway out of Norwood and the road around Torch Lake.

The order of the day was to keep from overheating. Stopping to swim in Elk Rapids and Traverse City helped.

My favorite old Sugiuo cycling bib shorts finally gave up the ghost (You were right, Jac!) so I stopped at Brick Wheels bike shop in Traverse City and picked up a snazzy new pair by Pearl Izumi.

By the time I got to Traverse, I was past due for a break from riding and the heat. It was great to catch up with my friend Lindy at her newly relocated Seed Studio Gallery downtown.

A couple doors down from Seed is the T.A.R.T. (Traverse Area Rail Trail) office, so I popped in there to see Bob-Lo friend Lee. She was glad to hear I was able to make use of some of the trails she has worked on.

Then I stopped by Kaye's place to rest up a little and let the heat recede into evening before riding north onto the Leelanau Peninsula. Kaye raced bicycles while in Ann Arbor 30 years ago and our paths crossed many times.

Riding the east coast of the peninsula during the early evening was much cooler than the rest of the day and I made it to this site at dusk.

Good night, Jim

Asana of the day:
Paschimotasana (seated head to knee)

Day 14 mileage: 86.27
Maximum speed: 36.2
Total trip mileage: 874

Song stuck in my head:
Burn by Deep Purple



  1. What has been your percentage of roads v bike trails? You mentioned earlier having ridden along US-23 which did not seem like it would be fun.

  2. Tim, I estimate I rode bike trails for about 5% of the ride. US-23 along the east coast is not at all bad, with a wide shoulder.

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