Day 14 – Suttons Bay to Leland

Whoomp! I was startled awake when the first gust of wind broadsided my hammock in the early morning darkness. A front was moving through and my campsite on the beach was exposed to the brunt of gale force winds and rain.

I was pleased to be warm and dry after a half hour. But there would be no more sleep with wildly flapping rainfly  and buffeted hammock. So when a break in the rain came, I dropped the hammock and moved it inland 60 feet or so to the leeward side of a squat Cedar. Once nestled back in my now calm cocoon, I slept well into morning and awoke after the rain had ended.

By late morning it was sunny and much cooler than the previous days. The light was clear as only in the north and the water had taken on a deeper

As I continued pedaling up the east coast of the Leelanau Peninsula, into a cool wind from the north, I had a solid sense of well being.

The only way to describe how I feel is that my cells are singing! I am vibrating with a high frequency attuned with seeing clear light, breathing rich air, immersing in clean, cold water, and moving with ease across the earth under my own power. Mostly in silence.

The miles came slowly today as I spent time enjoying the small towns along the way.  At the tip of the peninsula, the lighthouse stood strong and ready.

This evening, instead of riding late and stopping only when I had found a campsite, I found a lovely one in the cedars on Lake Leelanau. After bathing in the lake, I pedaled into Leeland, bought some provisions and had dinner at the Blue Bird restaurant. I got back to camp just as the sun was setting over Lake Leelanau.

And now the lake lulls me to sleep, Jim

Asana of the day:

Day 14 mileage: 53.04
Max. speed: 29.4
Total trip mileage: 928

Song stuck in my head:
Santa Monica by Everclear



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